July 5-13, 2014

9-day medieval music performance immersion course for singers and instrumentalists.

3 different programs dedicated to vocal & instrumental music, Plainchant, and Ars nova that can be taken individually or combined.


Vocal & Instrumental Program
(July 7-11)
Monophonic and polyphonic repertoires of the 12th and 13th centuries.

Individual classes on:

  • singing
  • vielle
  • citole / lute
  • harp
  • recorders
  • portative organ
  • percussion
Chant Program
(July 5-6)
For directors and performers interested in the context and performance of Plainchant.

Ars Nova Program
(July 12-13)
Roman de Fauvel: French polyphony from the early 14th century.


Video that records interviews and performances conducted during the International Course on Medieval Music Performance (Besalú 2013).

Making music in the medieval town of Besalú

The course is held in Besalú, one of the most beautiful and best-preserved medieval villages in Catalonia (Spain). The town possesses among its architectonic jewels a fortified 12th-century bridge, different churches and secular buildings from the Romanesque period, and a 13th-century Jewish ritual bath.  More »

Organized by:

KNS Classical

With the support of:

Foundation for Iberian Music

With the cooperation of:

Ajuntament de Besalú    Escola de música Besalú